IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Diagnostics 17
In addition, ensure that the environmental specifications for
the system are met. See “Features and specifications” on
page 3.
Diagnosing errors
To find solutions to problems that have definite symptoms,
see “Error symptoms” on page 138.
If you cannot find the problem there, go to “Starting the diag-
nostic programs” on page 11 to test the server.
If you have just added new software or a new option and the
server is not working, do the following before using the error
symptoms table:
Remove the software or device that you just added.
Run the diagnostic tests to determine if the server is
running correctly.
Reinstall the new software or new device.
Troubleshooting the Ethernet controller
This section provides troubleshooting information for prob-
lems that might occur with the 10/100 Mbps Ethernet con-
Network connection problems
If the Ethernet controller cannot connect to the network,
check the following:
Make sure that the cable is installed correctly.
The network cable must be securely attached at all
connections. If the cable is attached but the problem
persists, try a different cable.
If you set the Ethernet controller to operate at 100
Mbps, you must use Category 5 cabling.
If you directly connect two workstations (without a hub),
or if you are not using a hub with X ports, use a cross-
over cable.
Note: To determine whether a hub has an X port,
check the port label. If the label contains an
the hub has an X port.
Determine if the hub supports auto-negotiation. If not,
try configuring the integrated Ethernet controller manu-
ally to match the speed and duplex mode of the hub.
Check the Ethernet controller lights on the operator
information panel.
These lights indicate whether a problem exists with the
connector, cable, or hub.
The Ethernet Link Status light illuminates when
the Ethernet controller receives a LINK pulse from
the hub. If the light is off, there might be a defec-
tive connector or cable, or a problem with the hub.
The Ethernet Transmit/Receive Activity light illumi-
nates when the Ethernet controller sends or
receives data over the Ethernet Network. If the
Ethernet Transmit/Receive Activity light is off,