IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

General information
The IBM® Netfinity® 3500-M20 server delivers great value
for entry server applications. It is ideally suited for network-
ing environments that require superior microprocessor per-
formance, efficient memory management, flexibility, and
large amounts of reliable data storage.
The IBM 3500-M20 server comes with a three-year limited
warranty and 90-Day IBM Start Up Support. If you have
access to the World Wide Web, you can obtain up-to-date
information about the server model and other IBM server
products at the following World Wide Web address:
Features and specifications
The following provides a summary of the features and speci-
fications for the Netfinity 3500-M20 server.
Intel® Pentium® III microprocessor with MMX™
technology and SIMD extensions
256 KB of level-2 cache (min.)
Supports up to two microprocessors
Standard: 128 MB
Maximum: 2 GB
Type: 133 MHz, ECC, SDRAM, Registered
4 dual inline slots
Drives standard:
Diskette: 1.44 MB
Hard disk drive (some models)
Expansion bays:
Two 5.25-in. bays (1 CD ROM drive installed)
Two 3.5-in. bays (1 diskette drive installed)
Three 3.5" slim high bays available (some models
have a hard disk drive installed)
PCI expansion slots:
Three 33 MHz/64-bit
Two 33 MHz/32-bit
Power supply:
One 330 W (115-230 V ac)
S3 video controller (integrated on system board)
Compatible with SVGA and VGA
8 MB SDRAM video memory
Height: 492 mm (19.4 in.)
Depth: 460 mm (18.1 in.)
Width: 200 mm (7.9 in.)