IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Installing options 45
with the cover removed might damage server compo-
Removing the support bracket
When working with some options such as hard disk drives,
microprocessors, and memory modules you must first
remove the support bracket to access the location of the
1 Support bracket
To remove the support bracket:
1. Remove the screw from the bottom front corner.
2. Pull the front corner of the bracket away from the
server, then lift the bracket out of the server.
3. Store the screw and bracket in a safe place.
Working with adapters
You can install up to five peripheral component interconnect
(PCI) adapters in the expansion connectors, called slots, on
the system board of the server.
The server comes with an integrated video controller, which
is a component on the system board. When you install a
video adapter, the server BIOS automatically disables the
integrated video controller.
Netfinity 3500