IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Diagnostics 27
NDIS 4.0 (Windows NT) driver messages
This section contains the error messages for the NDIS 4.0
drivers. The explanation and recommended action are
included with each message.
PCNTND-25 PCI scan specified, PCI bus not found!
Explanation: The driver cannot locate
the PCI bus.
Action: Run the diagnostic programs.
PCNTND-29 WARNING: DMA number is not
necessary for PCI device.
Explanation: The Ethernet controller
does not require a DMA setting.
Action: Remove the DMA setting in the
PCNTND-33 PCNET device with specified IOBASE
is already in use.
Explanation: The specified I/O address
number is already in use by another
Ethernet controller or device.
Action: Remove the I/O address setting
in the PROTOCOL.INI file.
Table 4. NDIS (Windows NT) driver messages for the
Ethernet controller
No Secondary Adapter Found.
Grouping Mode is disabled.
Explanation: The failover option requires
an adapter that is compatible with the
device driver of the Ethernet controller on
the system board. No such adapter was
Action: Make sure the correct adapter is
Problem Occurs on the Primary
Adapter. Switching over to the
Secondary Adapter.
Explanation: The system detected a
problem with the primary Ethernet
connection and has transferred all network
traffic to the secondary Ethernet controller.
Action: identify the cause of the failure
on the primary Ethernet connection.
Restoring the operational state of the
primary connection will cause the network
traffic to automatically transfer to the
primary Ethernet controller.
Table 3. NDIS 2.01 (OS/2) driver messages for the Ethernet