IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

100 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
information on Database Administration, see
"ODBC Database Support" in
Netfinity Manager
Quick Beginnings
2. Start the Netfinity Service Manager.
To start the Netfinity Service Manager, double-click the
Netfinity Service Manager object.
Netfinity Manager Service Manager
All Netfinity Manager services that are supported by the
operating system can be started from the Netfinity Manager
Service Manager window. The services that are available for
use depend on the installation configuration that was
selected during installation.
To start any Netfinity Manager service that appears in the
Service Manager window, double-click the icon for that ser-
vice. To start a Netfinity Manager service on a remote sys-
tem, use the Remote System Manager service.
Netfinity Manager service descriptions
Each Netfinity Manager service consists of a base program
and a graphical user interface (GUI). The service base pro-
grams enable Netfinity Manager to remotely access the indi-
vidual services, but do not allow for local access. The
service GUIs, when functioning along with their respective
base program, enable access to the service.
Some services are available only on systems with certain
system configurations. These services are:
Alert on LAN Configuration (available only on systems
running Windows 95 or later or Windows NT 4.0 or
Capacity Management (available only on systems run-
ning Windows NT 4.0 or later)
Cluster Manager (available only on systems running
Windows NT 4.0 or later)
DMI Browser (requires DMI Service Layer)
ECC Memory Setup (requires ECC memory)
Predictive Failure Analysis (requires a PFA-enabled
hard disk drive)