IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Netfinity Manager 103
Disk (RAID) adapters and arrays without requiring the RAID
system to be taken offline to perform maintenance. Use the
RAID Manager to gather data about the system RAID array
and RAID adapter, rebuild failing drives, add (or remove)
logical drives, perform data integrity tests, and many other
RAID system tasks. This service is available for stand-alone
use and network use by any system that has a supported
RAID adapter.
Remote Session
Use Remote Session to establish a fully active command
session with any remote Netfinity Manager system.
Remote System Manager
Use Remote System Manager to access and manage any
Netfinity Manager service on any Netfinity Manager system
in the network. The Netfinity Manager system on the net-
work is organized into easy-to-manage logical groups that
can be updated automatically using the auto-discovery fea-
Remote Workstation Control
Remote Workstation Control can monitor or control the
screen display of a remote system that is running Netfinity
Manager (or Client Services for Netfinity Manager). Once
you initiate a Remote Workstation Control session with
another Netfinity Manager system, you can passively moni-
tor events that are occurring on the display of the remote
system or actively control the remote system desktop. When
you initiate an active Remote Workstation Control session,
all clicks and keystrokes that are entered on your system are
automatically passed to the remote system. With Remote
Workstation Control, you can remotely start programs, open
and close windows, enter commands, and much more.
Screen View
The Screen View service takes a "snapshot" of the system
graphic display or any remote system running Netfinity Man-
ager or Client Services for Netfinity Manager and displays it
on the screen. These snapshots can be saved as bitmaps
and viewed later.
Security Manager
The Security Manager service can prevent unauthorized
access to some or all of the Netfinity Manager services. It
uses incoming user ID and password combinations, and is
available for network use only.
Serial Connection Control
The Serial Connection Control service enables remote sys-
tems running Netfinity Manager to access the system
through a phone line and modem. With the Serial Connec-
tion Control service, you do not have to be attached to a net-
work to benefit from the outstanding remote system access,
monitoring, and management capabilities of Netfinity Man-
Note: The system
have a properly installed and con-
figured modem that supports at least 9600 baud for
the Serial Connection Control service to function.