IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Configuring the server 37
The keyboard and mouse remain locked until you enter the
correct password.
You can use any combination of up to seven characters (A–
Z, a–z, and 0–9) for the power-on password. Keep a record
of the password in a secure place. If you forget the power-
on password, you can regain access to the server through
one of the following methods:
Start the Configuration Setup Utility program and
change the power-on password.
Change the position of the password override switch as
described in “Setting the password override switch”.
Remove the battery and then install the battery.
Setting the password override switch:
When a
power-on password is set, POST does not complete until
you enter the password. If you forget the power-on pass-
word, you can regain access to the server by changing the
position of switch 8 on the system board to bypass the
power-on password check. You can then start the Configu-
ration/Setup Utility program and change the power-on pass-
word. For the location of the password override switch, see
Table 6 on page 43.
Using the SCSISelect utility program
SCSISelect is a built-in, menu-driven configuration utility
program that you can use to:
View the default SCSI IDs
Locate and correct configuration conflicts
Note: If the server has a RAID adapter installed, use the
configuration method supplied with the RAID adapter
to view or change SCSI settings for attached devices.
Starting the SCSISelect utility program
To start the SCSISelect utility program:
1. Turn on the server.
2. When the <<< Press <CTRL><A> for SCSISelect™
Utility! >>> prompt appears, press Ctrl+A.
3. When the Would you like to configure the host
adapter or run the SCSI disk utility? question
appears, make your selection and press Enter.
4. Use the arrow keys to select a choice from the menu.
Press Esc to return to the previous menu.
Press the F5 key to switch between color and
monochrome modes (if the monitor permits).
5. Follow the instructions on the screen to change the set-
tings of the selected items; then, press Enter.
Choices available from the SCSISelect
The following choices appear on the SCSISelect Utility