IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Netfinity Manager 87
Click either Yes or No.
Note: These changes must be made to the system
configuration for Netfinity Manager to run cor-
If you click Yes the installation program automati-
cally makes the necessary changes to the system
If you click No the commands are saved to a file
named CONFIG.NEW in the destination directory
(and to AUTOEXEC.NEW, if appropriate) so that
they can be added later.
11. The installation is now complete. Shut down and
restart the system for the system configuration changes
to take effect.
Netfinity Manager database support
Netfinity Manager supports the collection and export of a
vast amount of system-specific data to a Netfinity Manager
Netfinity Manager databases can be created on database
management systems using DB2®, Lotus Notes®, or
Microsoft SQL. Microsoft SQL is supported through open
database connectivity (ODBC), and is available on systems
running Netfinity Manager for OS/2, Windows 95, or Win-
dows NT. If the system supports ODBC, the user can access
and export DB2 data through ODBC as well. Once support
for one or more of these databases has been installed along
with Netfinity Manager, data can be exported from these
Netfinity Manager services:
Alert Manager
Software Inventory
System Information Tool
System Profile
System Monitor
Information on how to install and configure support for data-
base export follows.
If support for DB2 database export is being installed,
see “DB2 database support”.
If support for Lotus Notes database export is being
installed, see “Lotus Notes database support” on page
If support for ODBC database export is being installed,
see “ODBC database support” on page 93.
DB2 database support
Support for DB2 database export is automatically configured
during installation of the Netfinity Manager. However, the
database system itself must be configured. Instructions for
configuring the database follow.
A raw data dump to a file is also available and will run with-
out a database.