IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

148 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
Any external devices
Surge suppressor device (on the computer)
Modem, printer, mouse, or non-IBM devices
Each adapter
Memory-Modules (Minimum requirement = one
128 MB DIMM)
Note: Minimum operating requirements are:
a. 1 Power Supply
b. System Board
c. 1 Microprocessor
d. 1 Terminator Card in Slot 2
e. 1 Memory Module (minimum of 1 DIMM in
slot labeled DIMM 1)
4. Power-on the computer. If the problem remains, sus-
pect the following FRUs in the order listed:
Power Supply
System Board
1. If the problem goes away when you remove an adapter
from the system, and replacing that adapter does not
correct the problem, suspect the system board, then
the power supply.
2. If you suspect a networking problem and all the system
tests pass, suspect a network cabling problem external
to the system.