IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

36 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
Select this choice to enable or disable the micro-
processor cache. In addition, you can define the
microprocessor cache type as write-back (WB) or
write-through (WT). Selecting write-back mode
will provide the maximum system performance.
PCI Bus Control
Select this choice to assign IRQs and program the
master latency timer.
Note: If a memory error is detected during normal
operations, System Management Interrupt
(SMI) can disable the memory.
Memory Settings
Select this choice to manually disable or enable a
bank of memory.
If a memory error is detected during POST or
memory configuration, the server can automati-
cally disable the failing memory bank and con-
tinue operating with reduced memory capacity. If
this occurs, you must manually enable the mem-
ory bank after the problem is corrected. Select
Memory Settings from the Advanced Setup
menu, use the arrow keys to highlight the bank
that you want to enable; then, use the arrow keys
to select Enable.
Error Log
Select this choice to view or clear the error log.
Select POST Error Log to view the three most
recent error codes and messages that the system
generated during POST.
Select Clear error logs to clear the error logs.
Save Settings
Select this choice to save the customized settings.
Restore Settings
Select this choice to delete the changes and restore the
previous settings.
Load Default Settings
Select this choice to cancel the changes and restore
the factory settings.
Exit Setup
If you have made any changes, the program will prompt
you to save the changes or exit without saving the
Using passwords
The System Security choice appears only on the full Con-
figuration/Setup Utility menu. After you select this choice,
you can implement a power-on password.
Power-on password
After you set a power-on password, you can enable the
unattended-start mode. This locks the keyboard and
mouse, but allows the server to start the operating system.