IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

104 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
Service Configuration Manager
Service Configuration Manager can save the configuration
of a Netfinity Manager service from a selected system to a
service configuration file (SCF). Once created, SCF files
can be used by Event Scheduler to restore the configuration
to the same system, or it can be used (in conjunction with
Event Scheduler) to duplicate that configuration on other
similar systems you choose.
Software Inventory
Software Inventory enables the user to create and manage
software product dictionaries that can be used to easily
maintain an inventory of all application programs installed on
the system.
System Diagnostics Manager
System Diagnostics Manager enables you to initiate a vari-
ety of diagnostic tasks on systems that support ROM-based
diagnostics. The results of all previously run diagnostic ses-
sions are stored and can be examined using System Diag-
nostics Manager to help diagnose and resolve system
System Information Tool
The System Information Tool enables quick and convenient
access to detailed information on the hardware and software
configurations of the system. System Information Tool gath-
ers information about almost any computer; however, the
most detail is provided when this service is used with IBM
computers. This service is available for both stand-alone
and network use.
System Monitor
The System Monitor provides a convenient method of chart-
ing and monitoring the activity of a number of components in
a system, including processor usage, disk space used, and
ECC memory errors. These convenient monitors are
detachable and scalable, enabling only the monitors needed
to remain available at all times. Use the System Monitor
Threshold Manager to set threshold levels for any of the
monitored components. When exceeded, these thresholds
will generate user-configured alerts.
Data is continually collected from the time the system starts.
A sophisticated data-handling technique is used to weigh the
individual values, average concurrent samples, and post sin-
gle values that accurately reflect long-term system activity.
This technique allows system activity records to be main-
tained without creating enormous data files. This service is
available for both stand-alone and network use.
System Partition Access
The System Partition Access allows for greatly simplified
system partition file handling, both locally and remotely.
Individual files and entire directories can be renamed or
deleted from the system partition. Individual files can be
renamed, deleted, or copied into the system partition. Also,
the entire partition can be backed-up, restored, or deleted.
This service is available for stand-alone use and network
use by any system that has a System Partition.