IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Diagnostics 13
The system maintains the test-log data while the server
is powered on. When you turn off the power to the
server, the test log is cleared.
Diagnostic error message tables
For descriptions of the error messages that might appear
when you run the diagnostic programs, see “Diagnostic error
codes” on page 133. If diagnostic error messages appear
that are not listed in those tables, make sure that the server
has the latest levels of BIOS, Advanced System Manage-
ment Processor, ServeRAID, and diagnostics microcode
Power checkout
Power problems can be difficult to troubleshoot. For
instance, a short circuit can exist anywhere on any of the
power distribution busses. Usually a short circuit will cause
the power subsystem to shut down because of an overcur-
rent condition.
A general procedure for troubleshooting power problems is
as follows:
1. Power off the system and disconnect the AC cord(s).
2. Check for loose cables in the power subsystem. Also
check for short circuits, for instance if there is a loose
screw causing a short circuit on a circuit board.
3. Remove adapters and disconnect the cables and
power connectors to all internal and external devices
until system is at minimum configuration required for
power on (see "Minimum operating requirements" on
page 148).
4. Reconnect the AC cord and power on the system. If
the system powers up successfully, replace adapters
and devices one at a time until the problem is isolated.
If system does not power up from minimal configura-
tion, replace FRUs of minimal configuration one at a
time until the problem is isolated.
To use this method it is important to know the minimum con-
figuration required for a system to power up (see page 148).
Recovering BIOS
If the BIOS code in the server has become corrupted, such
as from a power failure during a flash update, you can
recover the BIOS using the Flash ROM Page-Swap Jumper
(J38) and a BIOS flash diskette.
Note: You can obtain a BIOS flash diskette from one of the
following sources:
Use the ServerGuide program to make a BIOS
flash diskette.
Download a BIOS flash diskette from the World
Wide Web. Go to
port/, select IBM Server Support, and make the
selections for the server.