IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Symptom-to-FRU index 139
CD-ROM drive
cable is not
plugged in.
1. Make sure CD-ROM drive
cable is plugged in.
Diskette drive in-
use light stays on,
or the system
bypasses the
diskette drive, or
the diskette drive
does not work.
1. If there is a diskette in the
drive, verify that:
a. The diskette drive is
enabled in the
utility program.
b. The diskette is good
and not damaged. (Try
another diskette if you
have one.)
c. The diskette is inserted
correctly in the drive.
d. The diskette contains
the necessary files to
start the server.
e. The software program is
f. Cable is installed
correctly (proper
2. Run Diskette Drive
3. Cable
4. Diskette Drive
5. System Board
Monitor problems
(general). Some
IBM monitors have
their own self-tests.
If you suspect a
problem with the
monitor, refer to the
information that
comes with the
monitor for adjusting
and testing
1. Monitor
2. Run Video Diagnostics. If
diagnostics pass, the
problem may be a video
3. Display Adapter / System
General FRU/Action