IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

Configuring the server 35
Select this choice to view or change the assignments
for devices and input/output ports. This choice appears
only on the full Configuration/Setup Utility main menu.
Date and Time
Select this choice to set the system date and time.
The system time is in a 24-hour format:
System Security
Select this choice to set a power-on password. See
“Using passwords” on page 36 for more information.
Start Options
Select this choice to view or change the start options.
Start options take effect when you start the server.
You can select keyboard operating characteristics,
such as the keyboard speed. You also can specify
whether the keyboard number lock starts on or off. You
also can enable the server to run without a diskette
drive, monitor, or keyboard.
The server uses a startup sequence to determine the
device from which the operating system loads. For
example, you can define a startup sequence that
checks for a startable diskette in the diskette drive, then
checks the hard disk drive in bay 1, and then checks a
network adapter.
You also can select which PCI Small Computer System
Interface (SCSI) adapter is given boot precedence.
The first drive that is attached to the selected adapter
will be assigned drive number 80H and the operating
system will start from that drive. The default for boot
precedence is Disabled. The range of choices
depends upon the number of PCI SCSI adapters
installed in the server.
You can enable a virus-detection test that checks for
changes in the master boot record at startup.
Advanced Setup
Select this choice to change values for advanced hard-
ware features, such as cache control and PCI configu-
A warning message appears above the choices on this
menu to alert you that the system might malfunction if
these options are configured incorrectly. Follow the
instructions on the screen carefully.
Processor Serial Number Access
Select this choice to identify if the microprocessor
serial number in the microprocessor is readable.
Core Chipset Control
Select this choice to modify settings that control
features of the core chip set on the system board.
Attention: Do not make changes here unless
directed to do so by an IBM authorized service
Cache Control