IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

48 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
To install an adapter:
Attention: When you handle Electrostatic Discharge-Sensi-
tive devices (ESD), take precautions to avoid damage from
static electricity. For details on handling these devices, refer
to the following Web site and search for ESD:
1. Review “Safety information” on page 155.
2. Turn off the server and peripheral devices and discon-
nect all external cables and power cords; then, remove
the side cover. See “Removing the side cover” on
page 44 for details.
3. Determine which expansion slot you will use for the
Note: Check the instructions that come with the
adapter for any requirements or restrictions.
4. Remove the access clip from the rear frame of the
server by sliding it upward and then to the right.
5. Remove the expansion-slot cover. Store it in a safe
place for future use.
Attention: Expansion-slot covers must be installed on
all vacant slots. This maintains the electromagnetic
emissions characteristics of the system and ensures
proper cooling of system components.
6. Refer to the documentation that comes with your
adapter for any cabling instructions. It might be easier
for you to route any cables before you install the
7. Remove the adapter from the static-protective pack-
Attention: Avoid touching the components and gold-
edge connectors on the adapter.
8. Place the adapter, component-side up, on a flat, static-
protective surface.
9. Set any jumpers or switches as described by the
adapter manufacturer.
10. Install the adapter:
a. If necessary, push the card guide toward the front
of the server until it latches into a position where
you can insert the adapter into the guides.
b. Carefully grasp the adapter by its top edge or
upper corners, and align it with the expansion slot
on the system board.
c. Press the adapter
into the expansion slot.
Attention: When you install an adapter in the
server, be sure that it is completely and correctly
seated in the system-board connector before you
apply power. Incomplete insertion might cause
damage to the system board or the adapter.
d. When the adapter is fully seated, release the card
guide by pushing inward on the latch. Make sure
the card guide holds the adapter securely in place.
e. Install the screw that secures the adapter in the
expansion slot.
f. Replace the access clip by sliding it onto the rear
frame until it latches into place.