IBM 21Y Security Camera User Manual

60 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
c. Discard the used heatsink.
5. Lift up the release lever and remove the microproces-
sor from the connector. Store the microprocessor in a
static-protective bag for possible future use.
6. If you are installing a new microprocessor, go to Install-
ing an additional microprocessor on page 57.
If you are not replacing the microprocessor, then you
must reinstall the terminator card. Push the release
lever down to lock the terminator card into place.
Completing the installation
To complete the installation, you must reconnect all cables
that you disconnected, reinstall all bezels, reinstall the side
cover, and, for certain options, run the Configuration/Setup
Utility program. Follow the instructions in this section.
Note: If you have just plugged the power cords of the server
into an electrical outlet, you will have to wait approxi-
mately 20 seconds before pressing the power-control
Installing the side cover
The following illustration shows how install the side cover.
Note: The illustrations in this document might differ slightly
from your hardware.
1 Cover release tab
To install the left-side cover: