Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Introduction >>
Thank you for purchasing the SeaLife DC1400 digital underwater camera. This
is not your ordinary land camera in a waterproof housing. The SeaLife camera
includes special onboard software and exposure programs that have been
developed through extensive underwater testing and research to ensure bright,
colorful underwater pictures and video. It is equipped with the latest digital
technology which means the camera is automatic and easy to use.
The SeaLife waterproof housing is constructed from the finest materials to
ensure long-lasting and reliable performance. It’s fully rubber armored body
offers superior shock protection. The durable polycarbonate underbody can
withstand underwater pressure down to 200ft/60m. It’s large shutter button and
wide-spread controls ensures a sure-grip and easy handling, even with dive
gloves on. All metallic parts are made of high-grade stainless steel to survive
the punishing saltwater and marine environment.
If you do not already own an underwater strobe, you may consider purchasing
this important accessory to add color and brightness to your underwater
pictures. The seemingly dark and colorless underwater world is actually
bursting with magical, vibrant colors - you [and your camera] just need a light
to see it. You will be amazed at the great underwater pictures you can take
with the addition of the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash (item # SL961). Please visit
your local dive shop or for more information about
the SeaLife flash.
There are so many more features and benefits that you will surely enjoy. All
of us at SeaLife hope to exceed your expectations with this new camera.
Happy diving!
UW picture taken with
SeaLife Digital Pro Flash
UW picture taken without
SeaLife Digital Pro Flash
Picture of SeaLife
camera with
Digital Pro Flash