Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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Attaching Voice Memos
A maximum of 30 seconds of audio can be recorded as a memo for captured
still images. The voice memo can be recorded only once.
1. Press the [
] button.
 The last image appears on the screen.
2. Select the image to which you want to attach the voice memo with the
t / u
buttons (or Zoom lever).
3. Press the MENU button.
4. Select [Voice Memo] with the
p / q
buttons (or Zoom lever), and press
the Set (or Shutter) button.
5. Press the Set (or Shutter) button.
 [ ] is displayed on the screen and recording starts.
6. To stop recording a voice memo as it is being recorded, press the Set (or
Shutter) button again.
 [ ] icon is displayed with images that have been recorded with a voice
RE-REC mode can only be used for the recorded and selected file, and
it can record voice memo repeatedly to replace the previous recordings.
Playing back voice memo
A press of the SET (or Shutter) button
displays [ ] and plays back the
voice memo. Voice memo is only
available for still images, not video clips.