Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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Video Menu
This menu is for the basic settings to be used when recording video clips.
1. Press the MODE [video] button and set the camera [ ].
2. Press the MENU button to enter the Video menu.
3. Select the desired option item with the p / q buttons (or Zoom lever), and
press the SET (or Shutter) button to enter its respective menu.
4. Select the desired setting with the
t / u
buttons (or Zoom lever), and
press the SET (or Shutter) button.
5. To exit from the menu, press the MENU button.
White Balance
Refer to pages 46-47 of this manual titled “White Balance” in Capture Menu
for further details.
This sets the size of the video clip that will be captured.
* [ HD ] 1280 x 720p
* [ VGA ] 640 x 480
* [ Q-VGA ] 320 x 240
This sets the quality (compression) at which the video clip is captured.
* [
] Fine
* [
] Standard
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