Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Using and cleaning the underwater housing and camera >>
After using housing underwater
1. Before entering dive boat, hand the housing to someone on the boat.
2. Make sure the sealed housing is placed in a fresh water tub available on
most dive boats. Press each button a few times to rinse out the salt water
trapped under the buttons. This will clean the salt water from the housing
and prevents the salt water from drying on the housing and O-ring. Never
let water dry on the camera housing. Salt crystals can damage the O-ring,
lens and attract moisture. Dry housing with clean soft towel after removing
from fresh water tub.
3. Do not expose camera and housing to direct sunlight – keep in a shaded
area or under a dry towel.
4. It is not recommended to remove camera from housing while on the dive
boat. Allowing humid air to enter the housing may cause fogging.
5. If you must open the housing while on the dive boat, make sure you and
the housing are perfectly dry before opening the housing. Do not allow the
inside of the housing or the camera to get wet.
Cleaning housing after use
1. The sealed housing must be thoroughly cleaned with fresh water and dry
before opening.
2. Before opening housing, everything, including your hands, head and
surrounding area must be totally dry. Have a dry towel handy.
3. After opening the housing, clean the camera, O-ring area and all inside
and outside parts with a clean, dry cotton cloth.
Prepare housing for storage
1. Before storing the housing and camera, remove batteries, SD card and
keep in a clean dry area. Make sure the housing and any accessories are
clean and dry before storage.
2. Never store camera or housing in direct sunlight or in a dark damp area.