Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Installing the Flash Link optical cable adapter >>
The Flash Link adapter (SL72052) included with your camera connects the Flash
Link optical cable to the DC1400 camera housing. This adapter is only needed
when using the SeaLife external flash accessory. Optical cables (item SL962)
and Digital Pro Flash, (SL961) are optional accessories sold separately. For
more information about these accessories, please contact your local SeaLife
dealer or visit
Step 1: Push the optical cable into one of
the grooves so it’s locked firmly into
position. The end of the cable must
be directed at the camera’s flash
but should not stick out beyond the
adapter. The adapter has two grooves,
so you can add another cable when
using two flashes.
Step 2: Attach the Flash Link adapter around
the lens and push down until it locks
firmly into place. There are two small
locking mechanisms located on the
outer edge of the adapter that should
lock in to the camera housing. Make
sure the adapter is oriented so it
is aligned with the recessed flash