Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

About Spy Mode >>
About Spy Mode
This mode is used to capture continuous images at a preselected time interval.
This mode is useful for taking a sequence of images, like a sunrise or sunset,
and later selecting the best image. It is also useful for taking a series of pictures
without being discovered by the subject, like Garden Eels or a bird’s nest with
an egg hatching. A compact tripod accessory is helpful to keep the camera
aimed at the subject. Spy mode is not available when recording video.
1. Press the MENU button, and select [Capture
mode] with the p / q buttons (or Zoom
lever), and press the SET (or Shutter) button.
2. Select [Spy] with the t / u buttons (or Zoom
lever), and press the SET (or Shutter) button.
3. Select the desired time interval with the
t / u buttons (or Zoom lever) and press the
SET (or Shutter) button.
4. Press the MENU button to exit the menu.
5. Aim the camera at the desired subject or
scene. It is preferred to use a compact
tripod, so the camera is steady and remains
aimed at the subject.
6. Press the shutter button and the camera will
start capturing images at the pre-selected
set time interval.
7. The LCD display will now turn off to save
battery power. The camera will continue to
take images at the preselected time interval,
a. Pressing the shutter button again.
b. The memory is full.
c. The battery is empty.
When using the SPY shooting mode underwater, it is helpful to have a
waterproof tripod that can stabilized the camera. We recommend using
the Gorillapod SLR. For more information, please visit: