Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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Package Contents
Carefully unpack your camera and ensure that you have the following items:
Common Product Components (with item #):
Digital Camera (SL72001)
Underwater Housing (SL114) with lanyard (SL72070)
Instruction manual (SL72025) and Quick Guide (SL72024)
USB cable (SL18130)
AV cable (SL18131)
Camera strap (item # not available)
Camera pouch (SL70090)
AC power adapter (SL72032)
International plug adapters (SL19003)
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery (SL7014)
Flash Link optical cable adapter (SL72052)
Moisture Muncher capsules / 2-pack sample (SL2522)
Cleaning brush (SL256) and lens cloth (SL25210)
Common (Optional) Accessories:
SD/SDHC memory card (Recommend 16GB Class 6 SDHC memory card)
Spare battery (Item # SL7014)
SeaLife Digital Pro Flash (SL961)
Moisture Muncher capsules 10-pack (SL911)
SeaLife 3-in1 U/W Photo-Video Dive Light (SL980)
Accessories and components may vary by retailer.
Visit your local SeaLife dealer or for a
complete listing of accessories.