Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Notes on Waterproof Function >>
Soak and rinse waterproof housing in fresh water for about 2 minutes after
underwater use or if the housing becomes dirty.
* Press each button several times to clean out any saltwater, sand or dirt
that may be trapped under the buttons.
* Use clean, soft cloth to dry housing.
* Store camera and housing only after careful cleaning and when totally dry.
Do not let any moisture or dirt get inside housing when opening. This may
result in damage to the inner camera.
Make sure that you and the waterproof housing are completely dry before
opening the waterproof door or changing the batteries or the SD memory
Avoid opening housing in wet, sandy or humid environments. It is
recommended to open and load the housing in dry cool air, such as inside
an air conditioned room. This will prevent water or humidity from being
trapped inside the housing, which may cause fogging to occur or damage
the inner camera.
Avoid getting sunscreen or suntan oil on the camera as it may cause
discoloration of the surface. If any oil gets on the camera, wash it off
immediately with warm water.
The waterproof function does not apply to the camera’s accessories.
Do not exceed the depth rating of 60m (200ft.) or the housing may become
damaged and leak.
The camera may sink if dropped in water, so be sure to attach the strap
to your wrist or buoyancy control device (BCD) when using the camera in
or near water.
Store housing at room temperature in a clean and dry place.
Do not expose housing to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
Do not store housing in extreme high temperatures, such as the trunk of
your car.
Keep the housing unlatched when storing for more than 3 months.