Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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* [ ] Ext Flash WB. Use this white balance setting for underwater
pictures when shooting with the external flash accessory
* [
] Incandescent
* [
] Fluorescent 1
* [
] Fluorescent 2
* [
] Daylight
* [ ] Cloudy
* [ ] Manual (See page 50 for details about setting manual white
This sets the sharpness of the image that will be captured.
* Hard / Standard / Soft
This sets the color of the image that will be captured.
* Standard / Vivid / Sepia / (B & W) / Red / Green / Blue / Yellow / Purple
This sets the saturation of the image that will be captured.
* High / Standard / Low
This sets the metering method for calculating the exposure.
* Center: Averages the light metered from the entire frame, but gives greater
weight to the subject matter at the center. This is the recommended
setting for most pictures.
* Spot: A very small portion of the center of the screen is measured to
calculate the correct exposure.
* Average: The entire area of the screen is measured, and the exposure is
Image Stab.
This function minimizes the motion blur caused by hand “shake” or movement
when you capture an image. It is recommended to keep the image stabilization
OFF to save battery power unless taking pictures in low light without flash.
* On / Off