Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Video Mode >>
Playing Back Video Clips
You can play back recorded video clips on the camera.
1. Press the [
] button.
 The last image appears on the screen.
2. Select the desired video clip with the t / u buttons (or Zoom lever).
3. Press the SET (or Shutter) button to start playing video clip.
 A press of the
buttons (or Zoom lever) during playback allows
fast forward play / fast reverse play.
 To stop video playback, press the q (or Flash) button.
This stops playback and returns to the start of the video clip.
To pause video playback, press the SET (or Shutter) button.
This pauses video playback.
To cancel pause, press the SET (or Shutter) button again.
Video clips cannot be displayed rotated or enlarged.
In low light conditions or night time, use the SeaLife Photo-Video Light
accessory (Item SL980 - sold separately).
Windows Media player or QuickTime Player is recommended to play
back the video clip on your computer.
QuickTime Player is a free media player available at;
and compatible with Mac and Windows computers.
For more information about the operation of the media player, refer to its
respective help documentation.