Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Underwater Housing Instructions >>
MUST DO for underwater housing:
1. Read and understand the instructions contained in this manual before
using underwater.
2. Do not exceed the depth rating of 60m (200ft.) or the housing may leak.
3. Follow these important O-ring care instructions or the waterproof housing
may leak.
4. Do not lubricate o-ring.
Inspect and clean O-ring and O-ring contact surfaces for sand, hair and
other debris before every use. Clean O-ring and O-ring contact surfaces
with cleaning brush provided.
Inspect O-ring and O-ring contact surfaces for damage (cuts, scratches,
tears, cracks, dents and any other imperfections.) Replace O-ring
or have waterproof housing serviced if the O-ring or O-ring contact
surfaces become damaged. Do not use underwater housing if O-ring
or O-ring contact surfaces are damaged. Replacement O-rings are
available at your local authorized SeaLife dealer.
Make sure O-ring is completely seated into O-ring groove before sealing
housing. O-ring must not be twisted when seated in the O-ring groove.
Carefully follow O-ring removal and installation instructions contained
in this manual.
Replace O-ring every year to ensure proper seal. Only use approved
SeaLife O-ring designed for the DC1400.
Soak and rinse waterproof housing in fresh water after each use. Use
clean, soft cloth to dry housing. Store camera and housing only after
careful cleaning and when totally dry.
5. Carefully close lid and latch to seal housing.
Make sure O-ring is seated in its groove when sealing the housing.
Make sure there are no obstructions that prevent housing from sealing
6. Never let any moisture or dirt get inside housing when opening.
Avoid opening housing wet or humid environments. Best is to open and
load the housing in dry cool air, such as inside an air conditioned room.
This will prevent water or humidity from veing trapped inside the housing,
which may cause fogging to occur or damage the inner camera.