Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Menu Options >>
Capture Menu
This menu is for the basic settings to be used when capturing still images.
1. Press the Mode button and select [
2. Press the MENU button to enter the capture menu.
3. Select the desired option item with the
p / q
buttons (or zoom lever), and
press the SET (or Shutter) button to enter its respective menu.
4. Select the desired setting with the
t / u
buttons (or Zoom lever), and
press the SET (or Shutter) button.
5. To exit from the menu, press the MENU button.
Easy Set-up
This is a step-by-step set-up which helps you to set the correct scene mode
for land or underwater use. Simply follow the on-screen guide. As you become
more familiar with the camera, you may also set-up the camera ’s Scene mode
manually using the complete menu options. See page 25 for more information.
Scene Mode
“Scene modes” are pre-programmed camera settings to automatically give
you the best possible picture under specific shooting conditions. Select from
33 different scene modes in accordance with the shooting conditions. For
more information about Scene Modes, please refer to page 26 of this manual.