Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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4. Shoot many pictures of the same subject - If you don’t like it,
delete it - later.
One of the great advantages of digital cameras is that you can review
and delete pictures later, so shoot several pictures of the same subject.
One of the best ways to learn underwater photography is from your good
pictures and bad pictures.
5. Use the SeaLife Flash Accessories to enhance color and
Water filters out light and red/yellow colors resulting in darker, blue images.
The SeaLife DC1400 Dive and Snorkel mode setting will correct for lost
colors, but is only effective to a depth of about 50ft/15m, depending
available sunlight and water visibility, The most effective way to compensate
for lost colors is by using artificial light, like the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash. The
Flash easily mounts to the bottom of the housing. The flexible arm allows
you to direct the flash at the subject. Even two flashes can be mounted
onto the housing for an evenly illuminated and shadow-free image. This
system blocks the built-in flash and prevents backscatter. The flexible flash
arms allow quick adjustments of the flash.
6. Visit the SeaLife website for updated tips an advice.
Any updates to the manual or additional tips and advice can be found on
the SeaLife website at
7. Ask your local SeaLife dive dealer about underwater
photography courses.
Most SeaLife dive dealers offer underwater photography courses which
includes hands-on training as well as many helpful tips and techniques to
underwater photography.