Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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Quick Shot
When the Quick Shutter is set to ON and you quickly press the shutter button
down fully, the camera takes image without using auto focus. The auto focus
will be locked to the last focus setting used before turning on Quick Shot.
However, if you power the camera off and on when Quick Shot is enabled, the
auto focus will be locked to infinity.
* On / Off
Digital Zoom
This sets whether or not to use digital zoom at the time of photography.
* On / Off
Find Blur
For information about the “Find Blur” setting, please refer to page 35.
* On / Off
Date Print
The date of recording can be printed directly on the still images. This function
must be activated before the image is captured.
* On / Off
Date Print
Refer to the “Setup” section in this manual for details. See page 25.