Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Using and cleaning the underwater housing and camera >>
Before Entering Water
1. Most dive operations will have a water tub for underwater cameras. Use
this tub to test the camera for leaks before entering the water.
2. Hold housing underwater for about 15 seconds with the lens pointing
upwards. Lift the housing out of the water keeping the lens pointing up
and look at LCD display window for any water drops.
3. If no leaks are detected, repeat step 2 but hold the camera underwater for
about 2 minutes and inspect.
4. If you detect any leaks, carefully dry and open the housing and inspect
the O-ring seal in accordance with the instructions on page 62.
If no water tub is available, perform the above test immediately after
entering the water.
Entering the water with waterproof housing
Important: Always obey dive safety rules as a priority.
1. Do not jump into the water with the housing in your hand. Have someone
hand it to you after you have entered the water.
2. For tips on taking pictures, see “Great Underwater Pictures Made Easy”
on page 77 or visit the SeaLife website for an
online guide to underwater photography.