Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Capture Mode >>
Capturing Images (Taking Pictures)
Your camera is equipped with a 3” full color LCD monitor to help you compose
images, playback recorded images/video clips or adjust menu settings.
1. Press the ON/OFF button to turn the power on.
2. Press the MODE button and set the camera to Capture mode (not Video
3. Compose your image in the LCD monitor.
 Turn the zoom lever right to zoom in on the subject, and enlarge the
subject on the LCD monitor.
 Turn the zoom lever left to zoom out on the subject, and provide a wider
angle image.
4. Press the shutter button.
 Pressing the shutter button down
halfway automatically focuses
and adjusts the exposure, and
pressing the shutter button down
fully captures the images.
 The focus area frame turns green
when the camera is in focus and
the exposure is calculated.
 When the focus or exposure is not
suitable, the frame of the focus
area turns red.
Avoid using zoom while underwater to take pictures of subjects at far
away distances. For best underwater pictures, keep your subjects within
2 m / 6 ft shooting distance.
If the focus area frame is red, the light conditions or contrast may be too
low. Try again until focus frame is green, or try focussing on a subject
with higher contrast located at equal distance to the shooting subject.
The Flash icon on the LCD display flashes on and off when the flash is
charging. When the flash icon is solid, the camera is ready.