Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Video Mode >>
Recording HD Video Clips
This mode allows you to record continuous video with sound in 1280x720
(720p HD), 640x480 (VGA) or 320x240 (QVGA) pixel formats.
1. Press the Mode button [or UW housing Video
button] to select Video mode [ ].
2. Compose the image.
3. Press the shutter button.
 The recording of the video clip will start.
 Pressing the shutter button one more time
will end the recording of the video clip.
 The recording time depends on the storage
size and the subject of the image to be
 The zoom function cannot be used during
video recording.The camera will auto focus at
the subject when pushing the shutter button
to start recording. Once video recording has
started, the auto focus is locked.
When recording a video clip, the flash and “10+2 sec.” self-timer
function cannot be used.
If the write speed of your SD/SDHC memory card is not fast enough
for recording video clips in the currently selected quality, the video
recording will stop. In this case, select a video quality lower than the
current one or purchase a SD/SDHC card with a faster read-write speed.