Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Safety Instructions >>
Read and understand all Warnings and Cautions before using this product.
Continued use under the following conditions may cause fire or electric shock.
Contact your local authorized SeaLife dealer for repair service if the product
is damaged.
If foreign objects or water have entered the camera, turn the power
off and remove the battery.
If the camera has fallen or its case has been damaged, turn the power
off and remove the battery.
Do not disassemble, change or repair the camera.
Use the supplied AC adapter only with the indicated power supply
Do not use the camera in areas near water, rain, snow, high humidity,
sand, dirt or combustible gas* unless it is properly sealed in the
waterproof housing provided.
* Warning - the camera inside the waterproof housing IS NOT certified
to be intrinsically safe. Using the camera in an environment containing
combustible gases may result in explosion or fire.
Keep the battery out of the reach of children.
The battery might cause poisoning. If any part of the battery is accidentally
swallowed, immediately consult a physician.