Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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Capture Mode
This sets the recording method at the time of capturing images.
* [
] Single: Captures one image at a time.
* [ ] SPY: For continuous pictures at set time intervals. (See page 36)
* [
] Continuous: Permits continuous capture of up to 3 images.
* [
] Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB): Permits 3 consecutive images in
the order of standard exposure, underexposure and overexposure
* [
] Cont.flash: Permits continuous capture of up to 3 images with flash.
* [
] Burst: Permits continuous photography while keeping the shutter
button pressed down. As long as you hold the shutter button
pressed, pictures are captured until the memory capacity is
* [
] Pre-Shot: Pre-shot helps you get the background you want, even if
you need to ask someone else to record the image for you. Basically,
Pre-shot is a two-step process. Select a background by 1st shot,
the image shown on display will be transparent, then take the 2nd
shot on the basis of 1st image. Image of 1st shot is only a guiding
tool, it won’t be saved on SD card.
* [
] Coupl.shot: This mode lets you record images of two people and
combine them into a single image. This makes it possible for you
to include yourself in group images, even when there is no one else
around to record the image for you.
* [
] Album Shot: Creates an album-like layout to combine 3 shots into
a single image.
* [ ] Burst 30fps: Permits continuous capture of up to 30 images in the
resolution 640 x480 within a few seconds.
In [Continuous], [AEB], [Burst], [Cont.flash], [Pre-Shot], [Coupl.shot] and
[Album Shot] capture mode, the [Voice Memo] is automatically fixed at