Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

Underwater Housing Instructions >>
3. Make sure O-ring is completely seated into O-ring groove before sealing
housing. O-ring must not be twisted when seated in the o-ring groove.
See page 67 on instructions on how to install and remove O-ring.
4. Replace O-ring every year to ensure proper seal. Only use approved
SeaLife O-ring (item #SL72017) designed for the DC1400. Replacement
O-rings are available at your local authorized SeaLife dealer, or visit to order online (USA only).
5. After each use underwater:
a. Soak sealed housing in fresh water for about 15 minutes. Most dive
boats offer special fresh water buckets specifically for underwater
photo equipment. DO NOT put camera housing in fresh water designed
for other dive equipment, like dive mask, because that water may
contain detergents which are harmful to the housing.
b. Press all the control buttons several times while waterproof housing is
soaking to clean out any salt water, sand or dirt that has accumulated
during usage.
c. Use clean, soft cloth to dry housing. Store camera and housing only
after careful cleaning and when totally dry.
Quick waterproof test
(before you depart on your dive trip)
Place the sealed housing without camera inside in a tub of cold water for about
one hour. Place a soft weight on top of the housing to keep it submerged.
Carefully dry housing before opening it to inspect for a leaks. If the housing
leaks, carefully inspect O-ring or replace O-ring as described above. Repeat
the above test. If housing still leaks contact your local authorized SeaLife
Dealer for repair service.