Sealife SL736 Digital Camera User Manual

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The table below will help you choose the appropriate focus mode:
Focus mode Description
] Auto Focus
Select this setting and the camera will automatically focus
from approximately 6in (15cm) to infinity. In Tele zoom the
range is 2ft (60cm) to infinity.
[ ] Macro
For close-up pictures between 2 inches (5cm) to infinity. In
Tele zoom the range is 2 ft (60cm) to infinity.
] Infinity
Locks the camera to the infinity focus point (3ft/90cm to
infinity). This setting is ideal for action shots or shooting
in low light conditions when the auto focus does not
accurately focus on the desired subject.
] AF Tracking
For taking pictures of moving subjects. Lock on a desired
subject by aiming the camera so the subject is in the focus
frame, then push the [q] / FLASH button. The focus frame
automatically tracks the subject movement. Press the shutter
button down fully to take the picture. The focus frame will
blink red if the camera fails to recognize the subject. The AF
Tracking feature will not accurately track the subject if there are
multiple subjects identical to each other, like a school of fish.
[ ] Face Detect
Face detection can identify and focus on a human face in the
image. If more than one face is detected, the primary face will
be identified with a white frame, and secondary faces with a
gray frame. If the camera cannot detect any faces, there will
be no frame shown on the screen. Press the shutter button
halfway down to lock the focus. When the primary face is in
focus, the white frame turns green (red if not in focus). Press
the shutter button down fully to take the picture.
[ ] Super Macro
For super close-up pictures from 1” (2.5cm) to infinity. The
optical zoom will increase by 3 steps and lock (disabled).
Setting the Focus
The camera uses an auto focus lens system.
You can select among the six focus settings described below.
Press the [ ] button and the t / u buttons to select the desired focus mode.