IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Netfinity Manager 101
RAID Manager (requires a RAID hard disk drive sub-
System Partition Access (requires a built-in System
Update Connector Manager (available only on systems
running Windows NT 4.0 or later)
Brief descriptions of each of the Netfinity Manager services
follow. Complete instructions on how to use each of these
services can be found in the service-specific chapters of the
Netfinity Manager User’s Guide
Alert Manager
The Alert Manager is an extendable facility that allows
receiving and processing of application-generated alerts. A
variety of actions can be taken in response to alerts, includ-
ing logging alerts, notifying the user, forwarding the alert to
another system, executing a program, playing a WAV file
(available only on multimedia systems), generating an
SNMP alert message, dialing out to a digital pager service
(available only on systems that have a modem), or taking an
application-defined action. Actions are user-definable, using
a flexible action management interface.
Also, an extensive, detailed log is kept of all alerts received
by the Alert Manager. Logged information includes date and
time the alert was received, type and severity of the alert,
the ID of the application that generated the alert, as well as
any text that was generated and any action taken by the
Alert Manager. Individual or multiple alerts can be selected
from the log and printed for later reference, or deleted once
problems are corrected. This service is available for stand-
alone use and network use.
Alert on LAN configuration
Use the Alert on LAN configuration service to configure
monitoring options of Alert on LAN-capable systems locally
and remotely. Systems with Alert on LAN capability provide
critical status information about system states. The data is
reported by hardware or software (depending upon whether
the systems in currently powered on or not) using TCP/IP.
Capacity Management
Capacity Management is an easy-to-use resource manage-
ment and planning tool for network managers and adminis-
trators, allowing you to remotely monitor the performance of
servers on the network.
Cluster Manager
Cluster Manager is an application designed to enhance the
cluster management capabilities of the Microsoft Cluster
Server (MSCS) administration console, included with
Microsoft Windows NT Version 4.0 Enterprise Edition. Clus-
ter Manager builds on the power of MSCS, providing an inte-
grated graphical interface that enables you to quickly and
easily monitor and manage the clustered systems on your
network. This service is available only on systems running
Windows NT Workstation 4.0.