IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Installing options 47
Note: PCI bus A is sometimes referred to as bus 0;
PCI bus B is sometimes referred to as bus 1.
The system scans PCI slots 1 through 5 to assign sys-
tem resources; then the system starts (boots) the PCI
devices in the following order, if you have not changed
the default boot precedence: PCI slots 1 and 2, system
board SCSI devices, and then PCI slots 3 through 5.
Note: To change the boot precedence for PCI devices,
start the Configuration/Setup Utility program,
select Start Options from the main menu, then
select the PCI SCSI adapter boot precedence.
See “Configuring the server” on page 33 for
details on using the Configuration/Setup Utility
Before you begin:
Review the information in “Before you begin” on page
43 and .
Read the documentation that comes with your adapter
for any special requirements or restrictions.
Read the documentation that comes with your operat-
ing system.
Installing an adapter
The following illustration shows how to install an adapter.
Note: The illustrations in this document might differ slightly
from your hardware.
1 Access clip
2 Expansion slot cover
3 Adapter
4 Card guide
Netfinity 3500