IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Diagnostics 11
date is the date that the diagnostic test was run
and the error recorded.
cc is the check digit that is used to verify the
validity of the information.
text message is the diagnostic message that indicates the
reason for the problem.
Text messages
The diagnostic text message format is as follows:
Function Name: Result (test specific string)
Function Name is the name of the function being tested
when the error occurred. This corresponds
to the function code (fff) given in the previous
Result can be one of the following:
Passed This result occurs when the
diagnostic test completes
without any errors.
Failed This result occurs when the
diagnostic test discovers an
User Aborted This result occurs when you
stop the diagnostic test
before it is complete.
Not Applicable This result occurs when you
specify a diagnostic test for a
device that is not present.
Aborted This result occurs when the
test could not proceed
because of the system con-
Warning This result occurs when a
possible problem is reported
during the diagnostic test,
such as when a device that is
to be tested is not installed.
Test Specific String This is additional information that you
can use to analyze the problem.
Starting the diagnostic programs
You can press F1 while running the diagnostic programs to
obtain Help information. You also can press F1 from within a
help screen to obtain online documentation from which you
can select different categories. To exit Help and return to
where you left off, press Esc.
To start the diagnostic programs:
1. Turn on the server and watch the screen.
2. When the message F2 for Diagnostics appears,
press F2.
3. Type in the appropriate password; then, press Enter.