IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

86 Netfinity 3500-M20 – Type 8657 Models 21Y, 22Y, 31Y, 32Y,
enabled and a remote user attempts to use
one of these services on your system, a win-
dow will pop up on your desktop alerting you
that a remote user is attempting to use the
Remote Workstation Control or Screen View
service and asking whether you want to per-
mit this user to use this service on your sys-
tem. You can click Yes or No. If you do not
make a selection within 15 seconds (for
example, if you are not sitting at your system
when the access attempt is made), Netfinity
Manager will automatically prevent the
remote user from using the service on your
Disable DNS Name Resolution
If the Disable DNS Name Resolution option
is enabled, Netfinity Manager will use only a
numeric TCP/IP address (for example, to communicate with remote sys-
tems and will not attempt to resolve the
numeric address into an alphanumeric,
Domain Name Server (DNS) address (for
example, Select this
option if you are using Netfinity Manager is a
WINS networking environment or if you are
using TCP/IP in an environment that does
not have a Domain Name Server.
To enable one or more of the available Netfinity
Manager Options:
(1) Click Options....
(2) Select one or more Netfinity Manager
(3) Click Save.
f. Set the Network Time-out Value (optional).
The Network Time-out field shows the number of
seconds that Netfinity Manager will attempt to
communicate with a remote system that is not
responding. If Netfinity Manager does not estab-
lish contact with the remote system within this
time, it cancels the communication attempt. The
Network Time-out default setting is 15 seconds.
This default setting might not need to be altered.
g. Save the configuration and continue.
Click Save to save the configuration. Then, click
Exit to continue.
Note: The configuration can be changed later by
double-clicking the Network Driver Con-
figuration object in the Netfinity Manager
10. After finishing configuring the system for network
access, the installation program displays a list of
changes that must be made to the system configuration
files, and asks whether the installation program should
make the changes. For example, if Netfinity Manager
for Windows 95 is being installed, the installation pro-
gram will display a list of changes that must be made to
the CONFIG.SYS file.