IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Configuring the server
The following configuration programs are provided with the
Configuration/Setup Utility
The Configuration/Setup Utility program is part of the
basic input/output system
) code that comes with
the server. You can use this program to configure
serial and parallel port assignments, change interrupt
request (IRQ) settings, change the drive startup
sequence, set the date and time, and set passwords.
See “Using the Configuration/Setup Utility program” for
more information.
SCSISelect Utility
With the built-in SCSISelect Utility program, you can
configure the devices attached to the integrated SCSI
controller. Use this program to change default values,
resolve configuration conflicts, and perform a low-level
format on a SCSI hard disk drive. See “Using the
SCSISelect utility program” on page 37 for more infor-
ServerGuide CDs
The ServerGuide CDs include software setup and
installation tools specifically designed for IBM Netfinity
servers. You can use these CDs during the initial
installation of the server to configure the server hard-
ware and simplify the network operating system instal-
lation. The ServerGuide CDs also contain a collection
of application programs, which you can install after the
server is up and running.
ServeRAID programs
The ServeRAID programs come with the optional Serv-
eRAID adapters and with server models that have a
ServeRAID adapter preinstalled. If a ServeRAID
adapter has been installed in the server, you must use
the ServeRAID configuration program to define and
configure the disk-array subsystem before you install
the operating system.
Using the Configuration/Setup Utility
This section provides the instructions needed to start the
Configuration/Setup Utility program and descriptions of the
menu choices available.
Starting the Configuration/Setup Utility
To start the Configuration/Setup Utility program:
1. Turn on the server and watch the monitor screen.
2. When the message Press F1 for Configura-
tion/Setup appears, press F1.
3. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen.