IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Installing options 49
11. Connect any needed cables to the adapter.
Attention: Route cables so that they do not block the
flow of air from the fans.
The following illustration shows the rerouting of the
SCSI cable. If you install a ServeRAID adapter and
intend to use it with internal drives, remove the cable
from SCSI connector on the system board and connect
it to the RAID adapter.
1 SCSI connector
12. If you have other options to install or remove, do so
now; otherwise, go to “Installing the side cover” on
page 60.
Installing internal drives
If you add different types of drives, the system can read mul-
tiple types of media and store more data. Several types of
drives are available, such as:
Diskette (installed)
Hard disk (installed on some models)
CD-ROM (installed)
Internal drive bays
Internal drives are installed in
. The bays of the Netfin-
ity 3500-M20 are in the front of the server, as shown in the
following illustration.
Netfinity 3500