IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Installing options 59
9. Install the voltage regulator module (VRM) included in
the microprocessor kit.
Attention: Use of other VRMs might cause the server
to overheat.
a. Center the VRM over the VRM connector. Make
sure that the VRM is oriented and aligned cor-
b. Press the VRM into the connector.
a. If you remove the microprocessor later, remember
to install the terminator card in the appropriate
microprocessor connector and to remove the
b. To remove the VRM, press down on the two
release latches on the system board at the bottom
of the VRM and gently lift the VRM away from the
10. If you have other options to install or remove, do so
now; otherwise, replace the support bracket and the air
baffle, then go to “Installing the side cover” on page 60.
Attention: To avoid damage and ensure proper server
operation when you install a new or an additional micropro-
cessor, use microprocessors that have the same cache size
and type, and the same clock speed. Microprocessor inter-
nal and external clock frequencies must be identical.
To remove a microprocessor:
Note: Do not use any tools when removing the micropro-
Attention: When you handle Electrostatic Discharge-Sen-
sitive devices (ESD), take precautions to avoid damage from
static electricity. For details on handling these devices, refer
to the following Web site and use a search term of ESD:
1. Review the safety precautions listed in “Safety informa-
tion” on page 155.
2. Turn off the server and peripheral devices and discon-
nect all external cables and power cords; then remove
the cover (see “Removing the side cover” on page 44
for details).
3. Remove the support bracket and the air baffle from
behind the support bracket. Store them both in a safe
4. Remove any heatsinks:
Note: A thermal material is used between the heatsink
and the processor. This material when heated
and cooled causes the heatsink to adhere to the
processor. Some force may be required to
remove the heatsink.
a. Press the handle of the heatsink clip down and
toward the back until it releases, and lift it up and
off the heatsink.
b. Firmly grasp heat sink and pull upward.
Attention: Do not use excessive force or tools to
remove the heatsink.