IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

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Statement 2
When replacing the lithium battery, use only IBM Part
Number 33F8354 or an equivalent type battery recom-
mended by the manufacturer. If your system has a mod-
ule containing a lithium battery, replace it only with the
same module type made by the same manufacturer. The
battery contains lithium and can explode if not properly
used, handled, or disposed of.
Do not:
Throw or immerse into water
Heat to more than 100
C (212
Repair or disassemble
Dispose of the battery as required by local ordinances
or regulations.
Statement 3
When laser products (such as CD-ROMs, DVD-ROM
drives, fiber optic devices, or transmitters) are installed,
note the following:
Do not remove the covers. Removing the covers of
the laser product could result in exposure to haz-
ardous laser radiation. There are no serviceable
parts inside the device.
Use of controls or adjustments or performance of
procedures other than those specified herein might
result in hazardous radiation exposure.
To Connect To Disconnect
1. Turn everything OFF.
2. First, attach all cables
to devices.
3. Attach signal cables
to connectors.
4. Attach power cords to
5. Turn device ON.
1. Turn everything OFF.
2. First, remove power
cords from outlet.
3. Remove signal cables
from connectors.
4. Remove all cables from