IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Installing options 61
1. Clear any cables that might impede the replacement of
the cover.
2. Install the side cover by placing it into position and slid-
ing it to the rear position as shown. Make sure the
cover is latched into position.
3. Lock the cover.
4. Make sure the stabilizing feet are rotated outward so
that they properly support the server.
5. Reconnect the external cables and cords to the server,
then plug the power cords into electrical outlets.
Connecting external options
You can attach a SCSI storage expansion enclosure to the
Before you begin:
Review “Before you begin” on page 43.
Read the documentation that comes with the option.
To attach an external device:
1. Be sure the server and all attached devices are turned
2. Follow the instructions that come with the option to pre-
pare it for installation and to connect it to the server.
Note: If you are attaching a SCSI device, see “SCSI port”
on page 66 for information about SCSI cabling and
I/O connector locations
The following illustration shows the input/output connectors
(ports) and the expansion slots on the rear of the server. For
pin assignments and other details about these connectors,
see “Input/output ports” on page 62.