IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Related service information
Note: The service procedures are designed to help you iso-
late problems. They are written with the assumption
that you have model-specific training on all comput-
ers, or that are familiar with the computers, functions,
terminology, and service information provided in this
Safety information
The following section contains the safety information that
you need to be familiar with before servicing an IBM mobile
General safety
Follow these rules to ensure general safety:
Observe good housekeeping in the area of the
machines during and after maintenance.
When lifting any heavy object:
1. Ensure you can stand safely without slipping.
2. Distribute the weight of the object equally between
your feet.
3. Use a slow lifting force. Never move suddenly or
twist when you attempt to lift.
4. Lift by standing or by pushing up with your leg
muscles; this action removes the strain from the
muscles in your back.
Do not attempt to lift any
objects that weigh more than 16 kg (35 lb) or
objects that you think are too heavy for you.
Do not perform any action that causes hazards to the
customer, or that makes the equipment unsafe.
Before you start the machine, ensure that other service
representatives and the customer's personnel are not
in a hazardous position.
Place removed covers and other parts in a safe place,
away from all personnel, while you are servicing the
Keep your tool case away from walk areas so that other
people will not trip over it.
Do not wear loose clothing that can be trapped in the
moving parts of a machine. Ensure that your sleeves
are fastened or rolled up above your elbows. If your
hair is long, fasten it.
Insert the ends of your necktie or scarf inside clothing
or fasten it with a nonconductive clip, approximately 8
centimeters (3 inches) from the end.
Do not wear jewelry, chains, metal-frame eyeglasses,
or metal fasteners for your clothing.
Remember: Metal objects are good electrical conduc-