IBM 31Y Security Camera User Manual

Netfinity Manager 83
Power On Error Detect
Predictive Failure Analysis® (requires PFA-
enabled hard disk drive)
Process Manager
RAID Manager (requires RAID adapter)
Remote Session
Remote System Manager
Remote Workstation Control
Screen View
Security Manager
Serial Connection Control
Service Configuration Manager
Service Processor Manager
Service Manager
Software Inventory
System Diagnostics Manager
System Information Tool
System Monitor
System Partition Access (requires System Parti-
Update Connector Manager (available only on
systems running Windows NT 4.0 or later)
System Profile
Web Manager Configuration (installed only if the
Netfinity Manager Installation with Web Enhance-
ment installation configuration is selected)
Note: The graphical user interface (GUI) program files
for DMI Browser, ECC Memory Setup, System
Partition Access, RAID Manager, and Predictive
Failure Analysis will be installed regardless of
whether the system has a DMI Service Layer,
ECC Memory, a System Partition, a RAID
adapter, or a PFA-enabled disk drive. This
enables a network administrator to remotely
access these services on other systems within a
network. However, the installation program
installs the base program that enables local use
of the service only if the required hardware or
system configuration is present.
9. Configure the Network Drivers.
If the installation configuration allows for network
access, enter information regarding the communication
protocols that are supported by the system. The Net-
work Driver Configuration window will appear.