Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

You can select any captured image to view. You can view a single
image, the shooting information, an index display, or a magnified view.
Playback the image.
Press the <x> button.
X The last captured image will appear
on the LCD monitor.
Select the image.
To playback images starting with the
last image, turn the dial
counterclockwise. To playback
images starting with the first captured
image, turn the <5> dial clockwise.
Press the <B> button to switch
the display format.
To quit the playback, press the <x>
button. The LCD monitor will turn off.
Image Playback
xSingle image display
Single image display
(with basic info)
Shooting information Single image display
(no shooting info)
Even in display formats other than single image (index display, magnified view,
etc.), you can press the <
> button to display or hide the basic info.
While data is being written to the CF card (access lamp blinking) after
continuous shooting, press the <x> button to display the last image
which has been written to the CF card. Turn the <5> dial to select the
image. After all the images have been written to the CF card, they can be
displayed in sequence.