Canon 0296B002 Digital Camera User Manual

Normally, the <
> setting will set the optimum white balance
automatically. If natural-looking colors cannot be obtained with <
you can set the white balance manually to suit the respective light source.
In the <
> (Full Auto) mode, <
> will be set automatically.
Press the <E> button. (9)
Select the white balance setting.
While looking at the top LCD panel,
turn the <5> dial.
* Set the optimum white balance manually to suit the lighting. (p.62)
The three RGB (red, green, and blue) primary colors exist in the light source in
varying proportions depending on the color temperature. When the color
temperature is high, there is more blue. And when the color temperature is low,
there is more red. To the human eye, a white object looks white regardless of
the type of lighting. With a digital camera, the color temperature can be adjusted
with software so that the colors in the image look more natural. The subject’s
white color is used as the criteria for adjusting the other colors. The camera’s
> setting uses the CMOS sensor for auto white balance.
Setting the White BalanceN
Display Mode Color temperature (Approx. K)
Q Auto 3000 - 7000
W Daylight 5200
E Shade 7000
R Cloudy, twilight, sunset 6000
Y Tungsten 3200
U White fluorescent light 4000
I Flash 6000
O Custom* 2000 - 10000
P Color temperature 2800 - 10000
About White Balance